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RainSoft is a San Francisco Bay Area based indie game studio run by Jim Brodbeck. Founded in 2016, RainSoft has been making virtual reality video games since the first commercial release of the Oculus Rift.



After spending his youth bouncing between arcades and consoles, Jim got into PC gaming by making Quake mods in 1996. Thirteen years later in 2009, Jim formally joined the video game industry as a Senior Engineer at PlaySpan. Having worked on micro-transaction projects involving Second Life, IMVU, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Guild Wars 2, and Borderlands DLC, Jim brings with him over 10 years of experience in the game industry and software development.

Night of the Living Headache

As a fresh-faced indie game developer, Jim learned the ropes by attempting to remake the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead movie in VR as a fan-made tribute. Even though the movie is public domain, soon after unveiling a recreation of the first 10 minutes of the movie, he was bombarded with cease and desist letters from multiple attorneys representing different copyright holders and was caught in the crossfire of a raging IP battle. Despondent, Jim turned his focus to making his own IP.

John Who?

In 2018, RainSoft released its first well-received but widely unnoticed episodic VR title, John Lazarus - Dead Man's Origin. After grinding 70 hour weeks for a year without sleep, John Lazarus released with zero marketing, press, sales, and support and received a small bit of praise (and some stuffed bunny bashing) before quickly slipping into the landfill of obscurity. RainSoft was burnt, broke, and on hiatus.

Powder VR

After learning the hard lesson that is the indie game industry, RainSoft has bounced back with a leaner, more sustainable and focused project. The post mortem conclusion of John Lazarus is to find a partner that is willing to help give Powder VR the press, the support, the fanbase, and the marketing it so desperately needs and deserves before launch.



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